Social Media

Social Media

Social media has caused a shift in day-to-day life. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube facilitate a level of interaction that hasn’t existed, until now. Social networks have changed interaction forever by bringing people together in historic fashion. So what do pictures of people’s kids and restaurant reviews have to do with selling cars? The answer is … everything. These are the same people who shop you online and visit your business. To not engage with your customers in a social setting is a wasted opportunity. SWC works side by side with our clients to create and relay your message in a language that’s well-received by your audience.

Facebook Advertising & Engagement


Facebook has become more than a social media site. In addition to having 500 million users, the amount of time users spend on the site now outranks Google users. Quickly becoming one of the top performers for advertising campaigns, Facebook’s ability to target demographics in a cost-effective manner make it a must for developing a well-rounded Marketing plan.

Twitter Engagement


As a micro-blog, Twitter is also a powerful medium. What can be said in 140 characters? A lot. Twitter creates focused dialogue between people. Creating a relevant message offers value to users and strengthens your brand. Using social networks to convey your company’s marketing message, engages your followers and protects the reputation of your store.

Inform Your Customers with Relevant Blogs


Your blog is your business’s soap box. The opportunity to stand up and brag about your team and accomplishments gives readers the chance to peek behind the curtain of your operations. Blogs provide the best opportunity for a business to relay expertise and share helpful information with current and future customers.

Keep Your Social Media In-House and We'll Show You How

In-House TrainingTraining

Have the staff to manage and maintain your Social Media, and just need some guidance in how to do it? Smart Web Concepts Social Media In House Training can give you all the tools you need to make it work. SWC will show you how to build, manage, maintain, and develop a Social Media Strategy to put in place.

In social media, how your campaign is managed can often times be as important as what is said. Anyone with an email address can set up a profile, but it is important to have the skills to leverage the technology, trends and the way your message is conveyed. If you engage too often or on the wrong topics you seem pushy, not enough and your profiles seem to be an afterthought. Our professional trainers and speakers can help you to design and orchestrate a clear campaign in the chaos of social media.

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